UGSA Pelvic Floor Database

UGSA Pelvic Floor Database 

By joining UGSA as a 'full member' you are encouraged to suplement your membership with the UGSA Pelvic Floor Database. 
By using the database not only do you benefit by managing your surgical self-auditing obligations; but you are also contributing to the continued progress in medical and surgical management as well as important research with the aim of expanding and improving female health care.
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Why join the UGSA Pelvic Floor Database?

  • A fraction of the cost of setting up your own database
  • Satisfies all requirements in relation to patient and practitioner confidentiality
  • Covers all pelvic floor surgery and slings
  • Ability to compare your outcomes with national results
  • The monitoring of progress and development is of the utmost importance and UGSA is proud to be pro-active in this area
  • By recording patient data in the UGSA Pelvic Floor Database you are contributing to the continued improvement of women's health

How to join? 

Made the decision to join? 
To confirm your membership please visit Join or Renew and select Annual UGSA Pelvic Floor Database.  Please note that you must be a current UGSA Full Member to join.

BSUG + UGSA Pelvic Floor Database 

UGSA boasts a longstanding relationship with the British Society of Urogynaecology (BSUG).  This relationship has proven to be greatly beneficial to UGSA members, whereby the UGSA Pelvic Floor Database is adminsitered by BSUG with regularly updated surgical auditing features.  The database has been specifically tailored to suit Australasian reporting guidelines and is securely backed up on a daily basis - on both local and  internationally renowned Amazon servers.