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2021 Urogynaecological Society of Australasia Annual Scientific & Annual General Meeting   Wednesday 17 November – Saturday 20 November 2021 On behalf of the UGSA ASM Organising Committee and UGSA Board we are pleased to announce that the 2021 UGSA ASM & AGM is scheduled to be held at the Australian National Maritime Museum Sydney. […]

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Nicole sat on a chair for half an hour. She says it cured her stress incontinence.

Since having her fourth child, Nicole suffered from stress incontinence. It wasn’t severe, but still caused her problems. Her youngest is now five and she’s plodded along, accepting it as a normal part of her life. “I get up throughout the night to go the bathroom and think nothing of it. The kids have made fun […]

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Celebrate World Physiotherapy Day

#ChoosePhysio for bladder health   Each year, on 8 September, we celebrate World Physiotherapy Day—a global event recognising the incredible role physiotherapists play in the community and the relationships they have with their patients. Physiotherapists are health professionals who have a key role in helping people with long-term conditions achieve their goals, fulfil their potential […]

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Leading Pelvic Floor Surgeon Concerned by Suspension of Mid-Urethral Mesh Sling Surgeries

Chair of the Urogynaecological Society of Australasia, Dr. Jenny King joins Wayne Bucklar on Health Professional Radio to argue for moderation in the debate about the immediate suspension of mid-urethral mesh sling (MUS) surgeries in the UK. MUS is the most common type of surgery for Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), an involuntary urine leakage experienced by women […]

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The pelvic flaw in all of us.

ABC Radio Podcast     Ladies, we need to talk with Jenny King, Chair UroGynaecological Society of Australasia.    Do you wee when you sneeze? Or avoid star jumps at the gym? One in four of us experience pelvic floor problems which can lead to incontinence, or even prolapse.   Basically we’re poorly designed, we’re standing […]

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A weak pelvic floor can mean more than a little leakage

Mary Ward, Sydney Morning Herald    We generally associate having a poor pelvic floor with incontinence. But for former Australian netball captain Sharelle McMahon, the signs that something was wrong with her pelvic floor were different. “Pain around my pelvis, and a bit of instability through there was the main way it showed up for […]

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Silent affliction affecting one in four

Elise Elliott, Herald Sun   The Continence Foundation of Australia’s Laugh Without Leaking campaign kicked off on World Laughter Day last month, with Helen Magee, Beth Wilson, Thelma Saville and Susie Lewis having a good belly laugh. Picture: Sarah Matray DO you leak when you laugh? It’s kind of an odd, personal question. The thing […]

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The biggest lesson from the vaginal mesh saga? Doctors must listen to women.

Workshop will provide a new learning option for surgical techniques incorporating video teaching, as well simulation and common clinical…

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‘Not all vaginal implants are a problem’: Doctor says women are refusing to seek treatment for incontinence after hundreds claimed mesh left them in pain and ruined their sex lives.

SHEREE MUTTON FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA   * Figures show a drop in women are seeking treatment for incontinence * Doctor Jenny King believes it’s because they’re fearful of vaginal mesh * The TGA removed transvaginal mesh for the sole purpose of pelvic prolapse * Dr King said those used for incontinence ­ mid­urethral slings […]

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The Conversation – Not all vaginal implants are a problem and treating them the same puts many women at risk

Dr Jenny King    Last week, a Senate Committee investigating the impacts of “transvaginal mesh Author implants” on women in Australia handed down its report, with 13 recommendations. The implants are medical devices surgically inserted to prevent prolapse and urinary incontinence – conditions that affect many women over their lifetime, with around 20% requiring surgical treatment. […]

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