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June 4, 2020

IUGA Across the World Challenge

12 people Walk/Run/Cycle/Swim 
Auckland to London     
16,500 miles
July 1-December 31, 2020


The idea of this challenge is to walk, run, swim or cycle, as a team, from the home of the IUGA Past President, Lynsey Hayward in Auckland, New Zealand, to the home of current IUGA President, Ranee ThakarLondon, UK. There will be 8 check points along the way and the race is on!

This is not designed to create more work or stress for you, it is simply a fun way to keep active, meet new people, grow your network, and give and receive support and encouragement. Plus, it should appeal to everyone’s competitive side. Each member of the winning team will receive a $150 registration discount to the IUGA 2021 Annual Meeting in Singapore.

1. Each team must have 12 people (open to all IUGA members)
2. There must be a mix of members from at least 4 countries per team
3. Each team must have at least one male and one female member
4. Teams must include at least one trainee / fellow / resident
5. You can cover the distance by walking, running, swimming or cycling *1 mile (1.6 km) = 2,000 steps
6. Steps / distance can be measured using a fitness watch, pedometer or step counting app on your phone. There are many downloadable apps available to help you track your daily steps!
7. The nominated Team Leader is responsible for updating the team spreadsheet and ‘checking in’ at the end of each leg
8. This is based on integrity – no cheating!

All team members will be emailed a certificate when they finish the leg and some interesting facts about the next leg of the route.

Check points:

Leg 1: Auckland (New Zealand) to Sydney (Australia) = 1,346 miles (2,155 km)
Leg 2: Sydney to Perth (Australia) = 2,298 miles (3,677 km)
Leg 3: Perth to Singapore = 1,524 miles (2,438 km)
Leg 4: Singapore to Hanoi (Vietnam) = 1,971 miles (3,154 km)
Leg 5: Hanoi to Tashkent (Uzbekistan) = 4,158 miles (6,654 km)
Leg 6: Tashkent to Baku (Azerbaijan) = 1,720 miles (2,752 km)
Leg 7: Baku to Athens (Greece) = 1,779 miles (2,832 km)
Leg 8: Athens to London (UK) = 1,745 miles (2,792 km)
Total distance: 16,532 miles (26,454 km)
*1 mile (1.6 km) = 2,000 steps

If each member does 12,000 steps per day, that is 84,000 per week, 336,000 per month.  With 12 people per team, you could easily achieve 4,032,000 steps per month. That’s more than 2000 miles without even trying… If you would like to take part in this IUGA initiative, please complete the google form below with a few details and we will put you in touch with your team!

The teams will be allocated by the Wellness SIG to ensure teams have global composition and promote networking. If there are specific members you would like to race with, please detail it in your response.  We also invite you all to join the Wellness SIG via the IUGA Member Page.  Participants are encouraged to use this activity as an opportunity to raise funding for IUGA’s
Foundation – the Foundation for International Urogynecological Assistance (FIUGA).  Specifically, funds will aid the FIUGA-supported urogynecology fellowship program in Nepal, where we are working to establish the subspecialty of urogynecology to provide desperately needed specialty treatment to a population of women with one of the world’s highest rates of pelvic organ prolapse. Individuals and/or whole teams can easily set up a fundraising page with help from the IUGA Office, then ask their friends, family, and coworkers to sponsor their participation in this activity. Fundraising is not required to participate.

Registration closes June 21.

Teams will be announced June 29.

The challenge will run from July 1- December 31.

Happy racing!

The IUGA Wellness and Mindfulness SIG and FIUGA