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About UGSA

The UroGynaecological Society of Australasia has been established to advance all aspects of UroGynaecology.

The Society aims to improve standards of care, expand the horizons in female health care, improve teaching and training methods not only for Subspecialty training but for other relevant medical and allied health care professionals.

The Society aims to encourage research both clinical and Scientific and provide a platform from which such research may be presented..

Closely associated with the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, UGSA assists the College and in turn is assisted by the College in matters pertaining to UroGynaecology.

UGSA is also affiliated with the International UroGynaecological Association and members benefit greatly from this association.

2019 UGSA Executive Committee



In the mid 1980s the then RACOG seconded Dr’s James Gibson (NSW), Peter Glenning (VIC) and Ian Tucker (SA) to establish Urogynaecology as a Subspecilty.

This was duly achieved and was a world first.

Since that time the Subspecialty has grown in size and stature and can be proud that Subspecialists in Australia and New Zealand have been very prominent in setting standards in health care and advancing the Science of UroGynaecology.The Urogynaecologists within Australia have received world recognition for their work.

UGSA provides a more definitive platform for further development in this field.

The first Workshop held in Adelaide in association with the RANZCOG ASM was fully subscribed and provided outstanding ‘state of the art’ presentations from many of the senior members in Australia & New Zealand.

The establishment of UGSA is exciting and will extend the horizons in female health care.

Although functioning as a ‘craft’ group for Certified Urogynaecologists, UGSA welcomes and encourages membership from RANZCOG Members & Fellows and other interested Allied Health Professions, Urologists & Colorectal-surgeons.

UGSA aims to provide State of the Art Lectures, Seminars & Workshops without the seemingly ever increasing cost of many Conferences & Workshops and this will assist general Gynaecologists, Gynaecologists with a special interest in Urogynaecology, Urologists, Colo-rectal Surgeons and Allied Health Professionals to upgrade their skills and become familiar with new management strategies and surgical techniques.